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Parent Resources 

The following links may be helpful for families that would like to know more about developmental disabilities, or that already have a child with a diagnosis. This list is not a substitute for medical care. Please contact one of our physicians with any questions.

View the most popular resources for new autism diagnoses here.

Learn more about your child's health in our KidsHealth library and resource center.

National Resources

Autism Speaks 100-Day Toolkit - Also available at 888-AUTISM-2

Autism Society of America

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

First Signs - Dedicated to early identification of and intervention for children with autism

Missouri Resources

Autism Speaks-St. Louis - Also available at 314-989-1003

Community Living Inc. - Pprovider of programs and services for people with disabilities in St. Charles County

Department of Mental Health - Autism Services

Developmental Disabilities Resource Board of St. Charles County

Gateway Chapter of the Autism Society of America - 
777 Bonhomme Avenue, Suite 1501, St. Louis, MO 63105 314-863-0777

Medicaid - Some of our patients may qualify for Medicaid or medical assistance

Missouri First Steps - From birth to 3, for those who have delayed development or diagnosed conditions associated with developmental disabilities

Missouri Protection and Advocacy Services - Also available at 800-392-8667, for protecting the rights of individuals with disabilities and providing advocacy and legal services

Missouri Special Olympics

MO Division of Developmental Disabilities, Office of Autism Services

MO-FEAT (Missouri Families for Effective Autism Treatment) - Also available at 877-275-8988 

MODDRC: Missouri Developmental Disability Resource Center

Network of Care

Project Access - Project funded by DESE that provides autism resource info to public schools across Missouri serving students with ASD

Recreation Council of Greater St. Louis

Social Security - Some of our patients may qualify for Social Security and financial assistance

St. Louis ARC

Team Activities for Special Kids

Illinois Resources

Arc of Illinois

Autism Program of Illinois

Autism Society of Illinois

Autism Support Group

Chestnut Health Systems

Family Matters Parent Training and Information Center

Illinois Clearinghouse Library

Illinois Council on Developmental Disabilities

Illinois Department of Human Resources - State-funded birth to 3 therapy, all ages respite for families of persons with disabilities, PUNS survey must be completed

Illinois Life Span

Illinois Medicaid

Illinois Special Education

Illinois Special Olympics

Prioritization of Urgent Needs - The gateway to state resources for children with developmental disabilities

Project CHOICES - Children Have Opportunity to Inclusive Communities Environments and Schools


State of Illinois Developmental Disabilities


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