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Pediatric Orthopaedics 

The Orthopaedics Department at SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital is devoted to treating children with a variety of conditions including spinal disorders, congenital problems, bone and joint infections, neuromuscular disorders and injuries.

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Common Diagnoses


Sports-related injuries

Gait/intoeing problems – irregularities in a child’s stride including feet that are turned inward while walking 

Clubfoot – a common birth defect in which the foot is turned downward and inward

Hip Dysplasia –displacement of the hip which a child can be born with or develop later

Cerebral Palsy – a disorder affecting motor skills, movement and posture

Myelodysplasia – incomplete development of the spinal cord which can cause paralysis of the legs

Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease – problem with the blood supply to the hip which can cause breakdown of the bone

Bone and joint infections

Spinal disorders

Signs and Symptoms

Complaints of pain Noticeable deformity in arms, legs or spine
Limping Redness or swelling
Refusal to use an arm or a leg  

Treatments Provided

The need for surgery is based upon your child’s diagnosis and age.  Your doctor will discuss treatment options in depth with you and your child at the time of your visit.  Treatments may include:

Casting or splinting

Non-operative treatments such as physical therapy and bracing

Fracture fixation involving surgical rods, plates, screws and/or pins

Operative surgery

The orthopaedic team works closely with Neurology, Genetics, Neurosurgery, Ophthalmology and Urology to provide outpatient treatment and rehabilitation for conditions like cerebral palsy, neurofibromatosis and myelodysplasia. 

Multidisciplinary clinics are available for these disorders so your child can see each doctor during one appointment block.

Preparing for Your Visit

While most of the patients seen in Orthopaedics are referred from primary care physicians, a referral is not required to be seen.  However, some insurance providers may require a visit to a primary care physician first.

The most important part of communicating with your child’s orthopaedist is to be specific.  Be sure to tell the doctor what type of pain your child is experiencing, what part of the body pain sensations are coming from and the duration of the symptoms.  The situation in which the pain occurs is very important - does it wake your child from sleeping? Does he or she experience pain only while running?

Tell your doctor about your expectations.  If there is any family history of similar problems, let the physician know about it.  Your child’s past medical history should also be discussed.

If your child has undergone any testing or digital imaging related to his or her condition, bring in the report, as well as copies of the tests.  Unless you request this information, most times it will not be automatically sent before your child’s appointment.  Our orthopaedists generally do not have access to tests performed at other hospitals.  This includes the results of MRIs, CT scans, x-rays, etc. 

Braces and assistive walking devices used by your child should be brought along as well.

It is helpful when your child is relaxed for his or her visit.  You may want to tell your child that there will be more than one doctor involved.  Children are often delighted to hear that they will not be receiving shots, and blood is drawn only very rarely.  Children can expect an x-ray, which is completely painless.  If your child is having a cast removed, he or she may be frightened.  The process doesn’t hurt, but it may tickle. However, the saw used to remove the cast is very loud. SSM Health Cardinal Glennon is planning to acquire a quiet cast removal system in coming months.

During Your Child’s Visit

It is common for patients to see more than one medical professional during his or her appointment. As SSM Health Cardinal Glennon is a teaching hospital with Saint Louis University School of Medicine and other academic institutions, medical residents are an active part of the Orthopaedic Department.  These residents are licensed physicians gaining experience in the subspecialty of orthopaedics. 

On the day of your initial visit, you and your child will first talk to a nurse, who will screen for medications and allergies.  Afterward, a medical resident or physician’s assistant will perform a detailed medical history and give your child a physical.  During the physical, the physician will do a general physical examination and then perform a focused examination of the area causing your child pain or problems.  If an x-ray is necessary, it may be completed the day of the first visit. The results will be available to you before the visit is over.  However, additional appointments are usually scheduled for MRIs, CT scans, ultrasounds and bone scans. 

The last step is to consult with an attending orthopaedic physician to discuss the results of your child’s testing and consider treatment options.  Orthopaedic medicine is divided into several areas which is treated by physicians with condition-specific training. It is important to schedule your appointment with the right doctor to ensure the best care for your child.  Our orthopaedic doctors' specialties are listed below under "Meet the Team."

Other Locations

We serve Orthopaedic patients at other SSM Health Cardinal Glennon locations:

  • SSM Health St. Joseph Hospital - Lake Saint Louis
  • St. Anthony's Medical Center in South County
  • Anderson Hospital in Maryville, IL

Click here for more information about our services at other locations.    

Additional Resources

American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgery 

Children’s Tumor Foundation


Pediatric Orthopedic Society of North America

United Cerebral Palsy

Meet the Team

Elizabeth Engel, MD - Director

General pediatric orthopaedics
Cerebral palsy

John Boudreau, MD


Adnan Cutuk, MD


Scott Kaar, MD


Christopher Kim, MD

Orthopedic Surgery

Jasmin McGinty, MD

General pediatric orthopaedics
Limb deformity

Howard Place, MD

Spinal disorders

Aki Puryear, MD

General pediatric orthopaedics
Spinal disorders

Shay Hieptas, PA-C

Emily Schumert, PA-C

Jean Kiburz, RN, PCNS

Bridgette Bobo, Medical Secretary

Lisa Gaudette, Medical Secretary

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