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Lois Roberts, winner of 2013 Mission in Motion Award at SSM Cardinal Glennon in St. Louis 
Lois Roberts, RT

Having a baby in the NICU is not easy, and can even be heartbreaking. Add to that stress a baby who needs breathing assistance because their lungs aren’t developed. Enter this year’s Mission in Motion winner, Lois Roberts, respiratory therapist.

Roberts is described as “a true embodiment of the SSM Health Care mission.” Not only does she do her job every day without hesitation, but she works with a heart full of compassion and respect. It’s these qualities that she brings, not just for the babies she cares for but for their families and her coworkers, that really set her apart.

When a critically ill infant was in the NICU with an over-tired, stressed-out new dad, Roberts made sure Dad understood what she was doing each step of the way. She then got him coffee, something to eat and eventually helped him find the Chapel. Roberts knew that Baby was in good hands, but she also knew that Dad needed a caring set of hands as well.

Another day in the NICU, a nurse was having a very busy day with one of her tiny patients. She must have called Roberts four times in the span of an hour. Every time the nurse called, Roberts came quickly, ready to help. Even with a full workload herself, Roberts never made the nurse feel bad for the frequent calls. Roberts even stopped by later unprompted, to check on the infant and to offer more help.

In health care, we’re used to reviews. We’re used to checking to make sure that the best protocol is followed. This is the way we’re able to do the best we can for our patients. But the best review is not one that can be put on paper; it’s the one that can only come from a person’s peers.

“She goes above and beyond her duties. I have the utmost admiration and respect for her,” read one of Roberts’ doting nominations.

“Lois is always quick to respond when someone needs something. I’ve worked with her for a long time and you can always count on her, even when it’s busy,” said Mary Fairchild, clinical coordinator for Respiratory Care. "It takes a special person to help heal and grow the tiny hearts in our NICU and I feel Lois is one of the finest, most exceptional therapists I have worked with.”


Congratulations to all of the Mission in Motion nominees!
Thank you for your inspiring dedication to our mission.

"Through our exceptional health care services, we reveal the healing presence of God."

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