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 Visiting 24 hours a day 

Patients’ parents, grandparents, family and friends are welcome to visit the hospital at any time. Our private rooms are even big enough and have special furniture for a family member to stay overnight.

While any guest is allowed to visit at any time of day, your child's nurse will help you decide how many people can safely visit at a time.

If you're ill, it's best not to visit

For our patients’ protection, those with colds, respiratory infections, communicable diseases, fever, skin rash, or exposure in the last two weeks to contagious diseases such as measles, mumps or chicken pox, are not allowed to visit.

Getting checked in

To keep our hospital safe and welcoming, all visitors over the age of 12 will be issued a name and photo badge at our Visitor Check-In desk. Guests are asked to bring their driver's license or photo ID card to be scanned; visitors who do not have a photo ID can have a photo taken at the Check-In desk.

This allows our hospital to maintain the highest level of safety for our patients, staff and guests. Visitors are asked to wear their badges above their waist while they are visiting our facility.