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Child Life Services 

 Preparing for a Hospital Stay: School-Aged (6 - 12 years)   

Fears: separation from parents, pain, death, loss of control.

  • Start preparing your child 1-2 weeks before coming to Cardinal Glennon.
  • Talk about your child's fears and answer questions honestly.
  • Help your child understand why he or she is going to Cardinal Glennon or having a procedure.
  • Give more detailed explanations of what they will hear, see, smell, and taste during their hospitalization.
  • Allow school age children to know what will happen before, during and after a procedure.
  • Prepare your school-age child for any changes to their body after a surgery or medication.
  • Allow your child to pack his or her own suitcase with clothes, pictures, games and music if desired.
  • Children at this age, may respond to stress by acting younger than their age (clinging to parents, not talking as much, sucking thumb).

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