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 Words you may hear in the hospital 


Word It's Not In the hospital it really means
I.V. A plant                        Medicine going through a plastic
tube into your vein
Dressing change Changing your clothes Putting on a new bandage
Stool collection Little chairs Poop, do-do or BM
Urine You're in Pee
Shot (not) A shot from a gun Medicine through a small needle
Poke Someone's finger in your rib Medicine through a small needle
CAT Scan Animals or scratching Taking pictures of your body
Stretcher Stretching your body A bed on wheels
Move to the floor On the floor Move to a different room with a bed
on a unit
O.R.(operating room) For a boat Place some patients go to have an
Operation A game Surgery to fix a problem with a body
Leads To take you somewhere Stickers on your chest to watch your
heart and breathing
NPO A new way to spell NO Nothing to eat or drink
Anesthesia Someone's name Medicine to help some patients go to
Nebs A snack A machine that gives some patients breathing treatments
Blood draw A picture A poke to get blood for a lab test
Lab test A test on paper Someone who looks at a patients blood
in a microscope to see what is making
you sick
Sepsis A step-sister An infection in the body
Doc A place to put your boat A short name for doctor
Resident Someone that lives in
your house
A doctor in training
Attending Not tickets to a concert A boss doctor
Interns Taking turns A hospital person learning their job
Rounds A circle Doctors visiting their patients
Vitals Chicken livers Checking your temperature, blood
pressure, heart and breathing rate


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