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The Perinatal Times by the Perinatal Outreach Program 

The Perinatal Times 


The Perinatal Times is a bi-annual publication of the Perinatal Outreach Program, a collaboration of Saint Louis University School of Medicine, SSM Cardinal Glennon Children's Medical Center and SSM St. Mary's Health Center.

June 2014 | Palliative Care - [print and read version]

August 2013 | Delivering Success - [print and read version]

March 2013 | Diabetes and Pregnancy - [print and read version]

Fall 2012 

Winter 2012 

Summer 2011

Winter 2011


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The Perinatal Times welcomes comments on articles and will consider such letters for publication. Suggestions for future topics of interest or announcements are also encouraged.

Please address correspondence:

The Perinatal Times
Meredith Meyer, Editor
SSM St. Mary’s Health Center
6420 Clayton Road
St. Louis, MO 63117


Editorial Board

Editor - Meredith Meyer, RNC, BSN

SSM Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center

Ayoob Ali, MD, MPH
Glenn Barber, RNC, BSN
Robyn Gude, RN, MSN
Mary Hope, RN, BSN
William Keenan, MD
Patricia Oberkirsch

SSM St. Mary’s Health Center

Erol Amon, MD, JD
Kathy Canchola, RN, BSN
Gilad A. Gross, MD
Katie Kulaitis, RN, BSN
Thomas Myles, MD
Pam Randazzo, RNC, BSN
Sharon Rector, RNC, MSN
Judy Wilson-Griffin



The Perinatal Times is funded by SSM Health Care - St. Louis and the Illinois Department of Public Health.



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