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Dental Services 

The Dental Department at SSM Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center provides detailed dental care to children with medical conditions that require special attention such as kidney disorders, cerebral palsy and autism.  Our dentist Thomas Veraldi, DMD, works closely with the cleft palate team during surgeries and runs a clinic on Thursdays.  The dental clinic provides exams, consultations and preventative care.

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To make an appointment, please call 314-577-5665.

Our Services

Dr. Veraldi is committed to giving every child in-depth care, and appointment length is determined by your child’s condition.  It is important to let him know of prior dental treatments, second opinions and any discomfort or concerns your child may be experiencing.  Extra steps may be also taken for children with behavioral issues. 

Dental evaluations must be done before a child undergoes a transplant or receives chemotherapy.  Untreated problems such as cavities or infections could become more serious after the procedure, as your child may have a weakened immune system. 

For full dental care and surgeries such as pulling teeth, children are seen in an operating room for 1-3 hours, typically on Fridays. 

It is suggested that children are seen as early as age one, especially those born prematurely, as they are highly susceptible to dental complications.  New and expecting mothers are advised to schedule regular teeth cleanings, as this often lowers the amount bacteria an infant has in his or her mouth.

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